Landscape Design

Planning and organizing your landscape to fit your needs and lifestyle can be a challenge. We can help. Our educated and experienced design staff is trained to help you visualize and create the perfect landscape. By using the latest in design technology and software, we help our clients solve their landscaping woes with the most efficient, attractive and functional landscape design. Let us be the ones to reflect your lifestyle within your landscape.

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Patios & Walkways

When it’s time to take life outdoors, consider a new patio or walkway custom built by Young Landscapes. Let us help you develop your landscape to best utilize your space. Walkways transition you from one area to another, but why not enjoy the trip along the way? A great walkway will add atmosphere to the landscape and allow you and your guests to enjoy wherever it may lead.

A patio provides you a destination outside your home to express your outdoor lifestyle. Throw in a fire pit, sitting wall, pergola or outdoor kitchen and your back yard is soon to be the hottest spot in the neighborhood. Let us help you create a spectacular outdoor living space.

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Walls can add interest to your landscape. They evoke the idea that there are elements that need to be separated or supported. Structural walls may be needed within a landscape to help establish grades and control slopes. These walls can be the very aspect that will affect the success and failure of a beautiful design. Free-standing walls add style, structure, and function to a landscape. They can be used for added seating in tight areas and also provide separation of outdoor spaces. A wall can invite your mind to wonder what is on the other side and provide backdrops to wash with light that brighten a night time landscape.

Our experienced and educated installers are industry certified to ensure all of our clients that we are qualified to perform the work we are hired for.

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Steps & Driveways

Nothing matches a great front walkway like an amazing new set of steps or a paver driveway. Steps can add real aesthetic and functional value to your property and we can design them to be safe as well as appealing.

A paver driveway can transform the front of your home to make it stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Can’t commit to the whole thing? Why not install pavers as an inlay within the asphalt or as an apron in front of your garage doors? Anything is possible, and at Young Landscapes we can help your imagination run wild.

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Snow Melting Systems

Sick of the snow? Dread the thought of having to drag out the snow blower or shovel in the early morning darkness just so you can get to work on time? What if you could just walk out your door and not have to deal with any snow until you hit the road? Ask us about how we can install your own custom snow melt system. Want to use your outdoor living space all year? We can also install a snow melt system within your outdoor living space. Get the best return on your investment by being able to use it whenever you want. Just imagine, now you can safely operate your outdoor kitchen and no more tip-toeing over hard packed snow to enjoy the hot tub.

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Outdoor Kitchens

Dine out! Out back that is. The outdoor living lifestyle is here to stay and let us help you fully embrace it. An outdoor kitchen is one of the best features to create your landscape around. Whether you entertain parties of 50 or a small group of 5 we bet a majority of your focus is on the food. Let us help you design and create an outdoor kitchen that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “grill envy!” Picture your new grill, handmade out of stainless steel, a side burner big enough to steam all of your Lobsters at once, a fridge keeping all of your beverages cold and a custom fit granite countertop capping it all off. Throw in a bar area and an integrated ice cooler and now it’s not just a grill, it’s the centerpiece of your backyard landscape. If cooking is more your style, add on a pizza oven to really kick it up. 

At Young Landscapes we can provide you not only with the last grill you will ever buy, but also an amazing outdoor kitchen that will have your friends begging to come over every weekend. 

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